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information about this national industry assurance program for growers

national industry provider of agricultural and veterinary chemical training for farmers

home of Entwine Australia – Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA)

home of Australian Food Standards Code

information on chemical management in agricultural industries

PMA A-NZ website for fresh produce food safety research resources and news

fresh produce food safety research from the Center for Produce Safety at the University of California Davis - global database search tool for publications and research in progress

best all-round postharvest information and resources site on the net

home of HACCP and other FAO standards and information

news and information from the Australian Chamber of Fruit & Veg Industries (Central Markets)

international fresh produce news service and links

collection and disposal service for users of agricultural and veterinary chemicals

national program for the collection and recycling of cleaned chemical containers

environmental initiatives from Horticulture Australia and Australian horticultural industries


Freshcare National Office

1300 853 508

ChemClear National Office

(02) 6230 4799

DrumMuster National Office

(02) 6230 6712

EntWine National Office

(08) 8222 9255

General Contact

(02) 6210 4701

NRM and Climate Manager

(02) 8295 2317

General Contact

(02) 6271 2222

National Inquiries Freecall

1800 444 228

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